Jeff Robb

New series

There is a timeless ambiguity to the Aperture series, a new collection from artist Jeff Robb.
While rooted in traditional photographic practice, alluding to the likes of Edward Weston and Man Ray, there is something uniquely modern in their construct. Perhaps this stems from the use of cutting edge techniques, both for producing the originals and reproduction, or their three dimensional orifical quality?
The overriding sensation when seeing these images first hand is to experience a fissure in the fabric of space: an entrance to a liminal state between worlds; but are the figures entering or exiting? There is an “unaussprechlich“, an unspeakable narrative to unravel as the viewer moves from one fissure to the next, each beguiling the witness into uncharted realms.
Certainly these works ask questions - they are both familiar and external, but invite the audience to enter their domain.

May 31, 2021