Artworks available by Lee Jeonglok


Jeong Lok Lee is a photographer born in Gwanju, South Korea in 1971. He lives and works in Seoul.


Through his oneiric series, Lee JeongLok investigates the spirit of the Korean landscapes. With « Trees of Life », he uses both natural and artificial lighting with a long-exposure process in order to render the inner vitality of nature. The captivating images thus created articulate a universal language based on spirituality. He creates a discussion between the visible and the intangible, or, as defined by Merleau-Ponty, a chiasm that combines subjective experience and objective existence.


There is a space where reason dissipates, says Lee, when I reach that place, I do not merely depend on my sight, but I exploit all of my senses. When all senses are unlocked, a new world is opened. Lee enforces this concept further in his series entitled "Nabi" (Butterfly in Korean or "prophet" in Hebrew) where an evanescent spirit occasionally adopts the shape of a primordial sphere, transcends from this world to another.


Lee JeongLok has exhibited internationally from the USA to Japan. Recipient of the Shinsegae Art Awards, his photographs are now to be found in major Korean Corporate collections, as well as within the collections of private art collectors worldwide.