Into the Mist

JeeYoung Lee

Taking a radically opposite approach to her previous aesthetic codes, multidisciplinary artist JeeYoung Lee brings forth a brand new series entitled "Into the Mist". Stripping her studio installations from her usual props and accessories, she immerses herself in an evanescent and vibrating universe close to abstraction. A master of colors in her own right, Lee instinctively expressed her subconsciousness through a single pastel hue and its infinite palette of nuances. Barely perceptible, the outline of her body paradoxically channels her soul to give substance to a visible, almost tangible emotion. 


Inspired by a foggy day spent snowboarding, “Into the Mist” is a (re)collection of the sensations depicted through a series of introspective tableaux. Spiritual, almost mystical, each photograph reactivates a kinesthetic memory which the artist wishes to share with her audience. The physical addresses the immaterial and sublime, while the detail of a movement, a vague reminder of a silhouette, dwells into the viewer’s own sensory hermitage. Like a XXIst century Rothko painting, “Into the Mist” opens up a mental space to let the viewer experience a trip through the infinite perception of the colors of the artist’s soul.


A selection of photographs from Into the Mist will be presented for the first time during Scope Miami 2021.

November 9, 2021