New Installation on view in Busan

JeeYoung Lee

Discover JeeYoung Lee's latest installation at the occasion of the exhibition entitled "Technique of Healing" hosted by Museum 1 (Museum Dah) in Busan, South Korea, on view until May 7th, 2023

The video “The Tree Spirit” is part of a project entitled “The Last Unflowering Tree".


This work was inspired by a tree in the artist's neighborhood, which was cut down by humans. Willing to highlight the paradox that this action represents in a society affected by pollution, JeeYoung Lee decided to recreate the tree and contextualize it into a forest using only man-made material such as disposable plastics. This performance is a memorial ceremony for the tree and Hamadryad, a tree fairy from Greek mythology. A Hamadryad is created and destroyed with a tree. In this work, the performer impersonates the spirit of the forest, soothing the tree's spirit and praying for nature.

April 2022
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