Quentin Carnaille

New Representation
We are proud to announce a new collaboration with French artist Quentin Carnaille. Carnaille produced his first sculptures using old clockwork parts. The question time and the relativity of its passage, is a recurring theme in his work.

We premiere « III / IV OZT ≈ », his latest electro-magnetic sculpture made of green marble and gold during Context Art Miami from December 5th-10th, 2023.

« III / IV OZT ≈ » calls to mind the stone sentinels that once stood guard over the temples of the Nile, capturing the divine light of the sun with their pyramidion gleaming with pure gold.

Its base, carved from Brazilian green victoria marble, evokes solidity and eternity, much like the Earth which, unyielding, watches lives one after the other on its surface. The deep green of this marble reflects the wild forests, the marine abysses, life in all its splendor and complexity.

Yet the mystery lies in this golden pinnacle, this pyramidion that appears to defy the laws of time and space, floating above its foundation. Like a metaphor for the human soul, it is ever in search of elevation, of a higher place, closer to the heavens.

« III / IV OZT ≈ » articulates Man’s struggle between his earthly roots and this longing to touch the infinite, to draw nearer to the star that shines within each of us.