The Last of Their Kind: Joachim Schmeisser

1 March - 25 April 2021

From March 1st  until April 25th and to celebrate the launch of the eponymous book, Echo Fine Arts is proud to present «The Last of Their Kind»: an online solo show featuring twenty-four large-format black and white animal portraits by German photographer Joachim Schmeisser.        For years, the Hasselblad Masters winner has been photographing the last giants of Africa at close range, creating exceptionally intimate portraits of species threatened with extinction.  In his series «The Last Of Their Kind», he focuses on the beauty of creation and its fragile transience. These striking images are timeless works that can be interpreted on different levels: as depictions of a distant past or as iconic memories in a not too distant future in which we can only admire these majestic creatures in zoos. They are both an homage and a final warning highlighting some of the treasures we might irretrievably lose.

Installation Views