Blackdust: Olivier Valsecchi

20 October - 27 November 2022

Until November 27th, 2022, Echo Fine Arts is pleased to present Blackdust. This three year long project by French artist Olivier Valsecchi (b. 1979), reinvestigates the theme of Incarnation and life cycles. While highlighting the artist’s photographic mastery through near-to monochromatic images, Blackdust is the final chapter to Valsecchi’s Dust saga. 


In addition, the exhibition offers a transversal approach to the trilogy; Dust illustrated the birth of the photographer’s cosmology. Time of War liberated these chaos-spawned creatures by infusing them with a soul and a purpose: a battle to fight. Replacing the primeval ash, this very element which has transiently crossed through the cycles of life and death, by charcoal powder, Valsecchi crafted an innovative and powerful series. Stained by the epic tales’ darkness and violence, the bursting energy of his Ovidian heroes remains resilient until the end, this new beginning.


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Installation Views